The art of shaping is something innate that goes beyond computer simulation and R&D. Here it is a matter of ideation of lines, curves. It is the generation of a unique design to enable each client to recognise each Sequoia Surfboards and to feel the adrenaline of pure performance.

The ability to absorb feedback and translate directly into form and function from an elite perspective through to a recreational level is the cornerstone of the Sequoia product development philosophy.

It is all about passion, love for this sport, for freedom and for the state of mind that only who surfs can understand. Sequoia is the starting point of these emotions.

I strive for Pure Performance, the total harmonization between functionality and beauty, in the purest possible way.
This is why I take care of the smallest details, I choose the best raw materials and I adopt the most innovative technologies.

My assiduous research for top performance and cutting-edge designs brought me to shape great performance surfboards that are easy to use.

The space when you can feel Sequoia energy and performance focus “It’s not just Technology, I’m always inspired by art and Design.”